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Dunedin’s Award Winning Cake Baker, Decorator Extraordinaire

Coleen Blake is an award-winning cake baker and decorator, with a specialty in sugar craft and a member of the ‘Worldwide Professional Cake Decorating Organisation’.

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At Cakealicious we can custom-make cake’s to your requirements, designs, ingredients and flavours for your special occasion.

Our service quality, delivery, and reliability are Guaranteed.

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Colleen Brent the owner of Cakealicious has set up in Dunedin to provide excellence in specialty cakes, particularly for weddings, big birthdays, baby showers and children’s parties. Colleen says Cakealicious is the best premium high-quality cake provider, being highly talented in sugar craft and detailed cake decorations.

Colleen encourages people to make an appointment to talk about their cake requirements and taste the yummy Cakealicious cakes.

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Our Service Mission

Cakealicious guarantee the quality, ordering, and reliability of their cakes to meet your event and pick-up times. Deliveries can be arranged via appointment liaisons.

Cakealicious have an [A-Grade Food Safety Certification] for their facilities, and health and safety regulations, to provide their clients with the highest quality assurance.

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