Web Content Development Strategy

Content Creation Marketing

Creating content; first, understand your goals, your intent in relation to your target markets intent and expectations. I agree with Social media content strategy; if there’s a target market need, there must be a following across media platforms. Each media will have a different following, therefore a different user intent. Understanding each social media platform will allow you to focus on specific content that works for each media type. Create a calendar of events, your plan of action. Know when and what to post to influence a specific market and time zone.

Brand Strategy

Next, establish your brand image and brand voice. What brand position in the market do you want to create for your specific target audience?

Brand Image
Brand Image

Content Strategy

Your strategy is to show users in different media platforms how they can achieve their intent. Content marketing strategy suggests formatting your original content into video, slide share and information graphics for other media types. Create a welcoming link for further content and offers to create followers and to gather email addresses. Add an offer to turn content into downloadable PDF files, or in exchange for a social share to drive more traffic.

Video Strategy

Solid content strategy indicates that; video content is a leading cause of traffic in many different media platforms. Video marketing statistics says 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be through video. 500 million videos are watched on Facebook every day, and video stats 2017 states that 82 percent of Twitter users watch videos. Mobile smartphones are now the highest used access device to the Internet, and increasing in developing countries. Therefore, access to mobile video content in different media types is an important priority.

Social Media Mediums

Content Strategy Analyse  

Use analytics to measure your progress, what’s working and what’s not. What categories and niche markets are you focused on? Analyse social media discussions to create more specific content to benefit your users.

Analyse competitor brands and keywords. What’s working? What image are your competitors portraying? Who’s ranking in search engines? Analyse competitor’s social media platforms; content, the number of followers, and what tactics are they using?