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Creative Web Content Strategies

Content Creation

Content is about creating attention. Making your content special so users have an intent to connect.

Online marketing says you need to first connect to people’s minds, their thoughts, what do they want and need, and what’s the cultural marketing content norm for them. Second; create a story, connect to people’s hearts and their emotions. What’s going to create a reaction and inspire the users to connect? Thirdly; create value, what are you going to give, share or sell, what is your plan/intent to serve people.

Content Strategy

UX content strategy feels that content can be looked at as a user experience problem to fix rather than a technology problem to fix. Getting your content right, who is going to use the content. What do they want to see? What are the user’s expectations, fonts, text, images sizes, video, etc, and where are these interface containers going to be positioned?

Planning For Success

Market Strategy

Consider the country culture and the language used for the specific topic for your users. A translation may be required for specific markets. A multilingual content strategy can include colour, font, text, currency, and format.

Stay current with the newest and latest trends, what’s the focus social buzzing in your target market. What’s being advertised, what are competitors focused on? When your focused on the market you can react faster, and create content quickly. Your content can then be relevant and your brand position can be a leader in the latest conversations. Be an expert in your topic, your knowledge and experience will be your user’s perception of your brand. Be creative and document your user’s conversations for further content.

Social media content strategy emphasizes that; when you research and plan weeks in advance, you can focus on user’s intent, rather than being responsive to your perception of user’s needs.

Creative Innovation

Online marketing expresses that your focus needs to be on saving time for people, time is scarce. If you can create content that saves people’s time to achieve their needs, wants or problems, people will listen. People have limited time and a vast amount of content distractions. It’s all about attention spans! People want content and value fast, and now, that can save them energy and time to achieve their intent.

Content Results

Use smart technology apps to measure and track your outcomes and results. Analyse to see if you are creating value, post sharing, and sales. Too many click-throughs means your not creating attention for your target markets intent, needs, and expectations. What are your results? What are your competitor’s results?


Web Content Development Strategy

Content Creation Marketing

Creating content; first, understand your goals, your intent in relation to your target markets intent and expectations. I agree with Social media content strategy; if there’s a target market need, there must be a following across media platforms. Each media will have a different following, therefore a different user intent. Understanding each social media platform will allow you to focus on specific content that works for each media type. Create a calendar of events, your plan of action. Know when and what to post to influence a specific market and time zone.

Brand Strategy

Next, establish your brand image and brand voice. What brand position in the market do you want to create for your specific target audience?

Brand Image
Brand Image

Content Strategy

Your strategy is to show users in different media platforms how they can achieve their intent. Content marketing strategy suggests formatting your original content into video, slide share and information graphics for other media types. Create a welcoming link for further content and offers to create followers and to gather email addresses. Add an offer to turn content into downloadable PDF files, or in exchange for a social share to drive more traffic.

Video Strategy

Solid content strategy indicates that; video content is a leading cause of traffic in many different media platforms. Video marketing statistics says 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be through video. 500 million videos are watched on Facebook every day, and video stats 2017 states that 82 percent of Twitter users watch videos. Mobile smartphones are now the highest used access device to the Internet, and increasing in developing countries. Therefore, access to mobile video content in different media types is an important priority.

Social Media Mediums

Content Strategy Analyse  

Use analytics to measure your progress, what’s working and what’s not. What categories and niche markets are you focused on? Analyse social media discussions to create more specific content to benefit your users.

Analyse competitor brands and keywords. What’s working? What image are your competitors portraying? Who’s ranking in search engines? Analyse competitor’s social media platforms; content, the number of followers, and what tactics are they using?

Cake Baking Quality Assurance

Cakealicious Speciality Cakes

Wedding cakes, Birthday cakes, Event cakes, yum, yum, yum. What a difference it makes when you taste a cake and you want to go back for more. It’s the ingredients. When a cake is made of cheap processed products and cheap oils, these can make unpleasant heavy fillers.

This is why, only the best ingredients should be used to make and bake a superior cake. Who doesn’t want the best? Colleens years of superior cake baking gives each cake a wow factor. She knows what to look out for; top ingredients, top suppliers, and doesn’t take second best. That’s what makes Cakealicious cakes truly memorable.

Wedding Cake 21

Quality Cakes Guaranteed

Colleen listens to your specific health needs, your desired flavours, and textures, and bakes a cake uniquely for you. Everyone has different taste. Colleen says that butter instead of oils change the taste and texture of the cake, and it’s worth it. Making a cake fluffy and light and not heavy and dense can add life to your party. You want people to have fun and enjoy your big day.

Quality is a must, and it is expected. At Cakealicious, all cakes are baked to high standards. You can come in for cake tasting to evaluate your cake before the real cake is baked and designed to perfection. Colleen can make fine changes to ingredients to be unique for you.

Wedding Cake 55

With a special design, decoration features, and baked to perfection to your taste requirements is a superior quality that Colleen demands at Cakealicious. Make sure that the baking facilities are also up to health standard regulations. An A-grade food compliance certification for commercial premises.

Quality Assurance Only The Best

Staff need to be trained to enforce the same high quality and have completed a food safety compliance certification. Client’s need to know that their cakes are being prepared and baked in the best and cleanest facilities. Colleen makes sure that all the supplier’s certification standards follow the same expectations, and comply with Cakealicious’s extremely high compliance standards.

If it’s not the best, Colleen says she will go out of her way to find the best quality ingredients to meet her highest standards. Only the best, every time!! Quality Assurance, and happy clients, that’s what it is all about.

Cake Decorating, A Piece of Art

Weddings, Birthdays, Special Events

Your Wedding day, your Birthday, or a Special Event, this is a special day for you and your acquaintances to be memorable. To transform a cake from ingredients, to design, to a piece of art. What makes your cake special, and your special day memorable?

A decorative design, especially the icing and all the special creative features makes Cakealicious unique. You can transform an average cake into a price of art through creative decorative design. That’s why Colleen has won so many awards, her unique ability to transfer an idea into a piece of art is extraordinary.

Wedding Cake 25

Award Winning Designer Cakes

Colleen literally spends hours and hours on each piece of art (the creative side of cake design). This makes sure each cake is amazingly the best that anyone can buy, for a truly memorable day. How do you want to remember your special day? The fine detail? Colleen knows exactly what it takes. That’s why she is so passionate about cake design and presentation. She wants you and all your family, friends, and acquaintances to be speechless, in a positive way.

The feedback we get at Cakealicious is amazing. We are absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. Friends, family, and acquaintances are absolutely blown away. Even our clients we spend creative time with, designing and perfecting their cake are also speechless when they see the finished piece of decorative art, their Cakealicious cake!

Wedding Cake 52

Dunedin’s Professional Cake Decorator

We have so many Appointments where customers don’t know what they want or don’t know what to design, so we talk about ideas. Most clients know what they don’t like, so this helps Colleen focus on what our clients do like. Colleen has this amazingly creative idea ability to make artistic enhancements to a cake. This makes the cake meaningful, special, and unique for each client.

When you can listen to what someone wants, and create ideas into reality, this makes all the difference on the day! Especially when you’re a part of the design and creation process, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Cakealicious Cakes


Custom-Made cakes for Brides and Grooms, 21st Birthdays, Baby Showers, Children’s Parties, & Corporate Events

Cakealicious is an ‘Award Winning Cake Decorator’ and a Member of the Worldwide Professional Cake Decorating Organisation.

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See our Cake Options For Prices / Decorative Designs / Custom Made Features and Many Flavour Options. At Cakealicious, we custom-make cakes for your purpose!

Cakealicious Wedding Cakes 1
Cakealicious Wedding Cakes

Our quality of baking, decorative design and reliability is Guaranteed

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We are Dunedin’s Top Speciality Cake Designers, Bakers, and Decorators.

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